Long Life Puja

Long Life Puja for Khensur Rinoche, Geshe Tashi Tsering

When: Monday 20th March, 2017 - 10am (doors open 9am)

Where: The Old Museum - Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills

RSVP: E-mail hello@goodfortunetrust.org or text us on 0450 850 884

The purpose of offering Long Life Puja is to make prayers for our teacher’s long life and to create the merit – positive karma – that we need to make that a reality.  Our wish is that Rinpoche lives for many, many years to come and has stable good health so that he can continue teaching – benefitting us and helping us transform our minds.  For this to be possible we need, from our side, the condition of having enough merit; that’s why offering Long Life Puja is important for us.

Rinpoche has always said the tsog is the most important part of a Long Life Puja, so we are planning to make the tsog offering huge and spectacular.

There is also a formal procession in which many traditional offerings and gifts will be presented to Rinpoche, such as a statue of one of the long life deities, a long life stupa, a set of monk’s robes, etc. 

Traditional offerings:

Hand Implements of the Five Families (Sponsored tbc)

Silk Brocade Throne Dorje (Sponsored)

Long Life Statue (Sponsored)

Long Life Text (Sponsored)

Long Life Stupa (Sponsored)

Complete set of robes (Sponsored)

Monk's Bowl (Sponsored)

Seven Royal Emblems (Sponsored)

Eight Auspicious Symbols (Sponsored)

Eight Auspicious Substances (Sponsored)

Dharmachakra (Sponsored)

Right Turning Conch Shell (Sponsored)

Traditional Gifts

Tibetan Incense (Sponsored)

Food and Drink Offerings (Sponsored)

Carpet (Sponsored)

Tzampa (Sponsored)

Silk Brocades (Sponsored)

Other Special Gifts

Porcelain Offering Bowls (Sponsored)

Flower and Food Offering (Sponsored)

Dzambala Treasure Vase (Sponsored)


Longevity-Accomplishing Vase (Sponsored)

Small Brass Offering Bowls (Sponsored)


It might seem like March 20th is a long way off but with so much to organise it really isn’t!  So if you wish to make a donation, please do so as soon as you can.

You can make a pledge now and finalise the ‘payment’ of your donation later on; this would be helpful for us in our planning and preparation, to give us an idea of the ‘budget’.

Donations can be made to the Good Fortune Trust bank account (details below) or by giving cash to Pema at TKSL classes, or any other way you like really! 

In any case, the DEADLINE for us to receive all donations is WEDNESDAY, 15 MARCH.


BSB: 034 204

Account Number: 259677

Account Name: The Good Fortune Trust.

N.B. Please put LLP and your name as the reference and get in touch with us to tell us if it’s for something specific.